Alabama : Nov 14th

Tuesday – November 14th
Doesn’t rain much during night but remains cloudy. Get very early start and have very good luck during day. Cross the Tombigbee River on ferry at Demopolis. Pass thru Selma, Ala. Very nice town. Negro woman yells out on roadside as we pass. Stop near negro house and cook supper. Hit Montgomery about 9:30 p.m. – about 60,000 population. Camp about 12 miles east of there.

Approximate mileage 166 miles. They were traveling on the Dixie Overland Highway for the last part.

A rooster sale, which was organized by Frank Derby in 1919, raised money to begin construction of a bridge over the Tombigbee River at Moscow Ferry. This was the last link in the completion of the Dixie Overland Highway between Savannah and San Diego. The bridge was built in 1925 and was known as the Rooster Bridge. In 1920 the cost to ride the ferry was 50c, 75c or $1.00. I am not sure what the breakdown was.