Other Items

Other Items Lloyd had with him on the trip

They took a song book on the trip. It was the Liberty Song book and was several pages long. I assumed they sang during the trip to pass the time, remember there were no radios in the car back then.

liberty 001 liberty 002
liberty 004 liberty 003

Lloyd also had his journal which he wrote in all but one day on the trip. Each page of the journal was folded in half allowing him to put 4 days entries on each page (2 entries on the front and 2 on the reverse side of the page). The journal was not bound; instead the pages were just placed in order and clipped together.

They also kept a running total of all the expenses they incurred and the expenses were split evenly.

expenses 001 expenses 002 expenses 003 expenses 004
expenses 005 expenses 006 expenses 006_a expenses 007
expenses 008 expenses 009