This page will contain information about my grandfather as I find it.

In 1925 he opened a Dodge/Nash dealership in Lenoir with his brothers. These are the pages in the newspaper describing the event. Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3.

In 1928, they moved locations into the Jenkins building.  There was another article in the paper about them with a picture of the building and an ad and another ad.

I know eventually around the depression they had to close the business but I have found a phone book on line from 1930-1931 that still had the business.  All the brothers lived in Kentwood Park in Lenoir.  My dad was born in 1929.

In 1979 he was interviewed by the local paper.  He tells a bit about his life.  It mentions his sister Ruth see is 100+ (born 1913).  I actually interviewed her and she remembers him coming home from the trip and how excited he was.   She loved looking at the pictures but didn’t remember any more about the trip.

Throughout granddad’s career, he won several awards and often had his picture in the newspaper. He remained a car salesman until he retired.  In 1985, the building they had their 1920’s/30’s business in was destroyed.  It was described in this article.

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When I was born, my granddad was a salesman for Bush Oldsmobile and continued working until he was 88.