it’s been a week

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past week.  I finished adding all the stuff I have (so far from my granddad – I’ve heard rumors that my uncle might have found more).  I’m now in the progress of contacting sites where I have found information that I would like to include to add to the story or the history.

This week I’ve heard from a variety of people.  I’ve gotten many of the trail markers that I’m slowing adding to the website from Steven Varner (also known as parsa9 on many websites and the person in charge of the web site.   I’ve gotten permission from the Utah State Historical Society to download ( as long as I site the pictures correctly) access to their digital library.

Here and there I’ve gotten permission to use other pictures too and I even found that movie posters before 1923 are in public domain.  (hey this trip was in 1922).   This has been such as experience to find out what I can and can’t use and how to ask for the correct citations if I do get to use material.

I really want to make this story something people will be interested in reading.  I still can’t imagine all that my granddad went through.  I just wish I could roll back the clock and interview him instead of taking what he left and putting the story back together.

If you ever have a question on how I found some of the information, please ask.  Maybe I’ll remember but now, I think if I fell back in time I really could be a detective.


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