More on the Model T Show

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The other fun fact we learned at the Model T show was that from 1909 – 1916 the Model T came in 2 widths.  There was the regular width car and then there was the Southern Wide Track version.  You see back in the wagon days, the south used a larger gauge for both wagon wheels and trains.  The trains converted in 1886 to the English width (that the North was using) but many of the dirt roads consisted of ruts that the wagons made.  In order to accommodate cars running on these roads, Ford made Model T’s that fit this width.  It was 4 inches wider than the regular car.

While I was in Lenoir – where my mom lives, we went to visit my great aunt (my granddad’s half sister).  She is now 100 but was 8 when my granddad took the trip.  She remembers him coming home and being excited about it and talking about the girls he met.  She loved the pictures we showed her and then told us stories about how bad a driver my great granddad (her dad) was.  They were funny.  One example is he used to forget to put on the brakes and instead yell whoa.  Of course the car would not stop.


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