Slowly getting more data

This has been a slow week.  I’ve not been able to spend a lot of time on the website.  I have gotten some good pictures from the Library of Congress and most of those are public domain.

I’ve got several requests out for permission for a lot of different items.  It just takes time to get permission back to use them in some cases.

Wikipedia is another great place to get stuff, again because most of it is public domain.  You need to look at each image and get the specifics before you use it.

When I research a topic I google all kinds of stuff.  I follow the links from any article that has anything on the topic.  I go to the google images and when I find an image that I think is cool, i click on go to that page.  Those pages sometimes have the best data and again links to other pages.  One topic may take me hours to research and I might still come up empty handed.  Sometimes I’ll try again on other day if I get brain dead.

I keep a log of places where I’ve found interesting information so I can always go back to it and if I think the people reading the blog, I’ll add links into my page.

This week I’ve also started sharing some of what I’ve learned or have in my possession.  Granddad had maps that I’ve not seen anywhere.  Several groups seem genuinely excited about getting access to them.  All I ask is if you use anything on the page, please add a link to my page from your website and if you have anything that might interest me, please let me know.

The next few weeks will be slower for me, lots on my plate but I will still work on the site whenever I can find a spare minute.



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