Links to Google Maps + Texas Postcards

I’ve added links to the approximate mileage that shows in google maps what I think our route will be during our trip next year.   It’s my best guess at getting the closest to Lloyds route.  I based the towns off of the 1927 road atlas and a lot more digging.  If anyone sees where I should be on a different road, please let me know and I’ll update it.

The next special thanks goes out to for letting me use the Texas postcards I wanted.  In return I sent them the digital versions of the San Antonio Postcard book of LLoyds.

I also found a neat website for LA old pictures.  I added the link in the page on LA but you might miss it so I figured I’d let you see it here.

I’ve got several emails out to try to get some other really cool pictures.  I hope to hear back from them soon so that I can continue to add to the site.



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