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The Post Office – Kansas City – Missouri or Kansas

Well, I’ll probably never know but my reader from Kansas City suggests that the post office might have been the one in Kansas since it would have been closer to Brenner Height which was in Kansas, but Lloyd does mention the post office while talking about Missouri, so who knows.  Either way, I updated the Missouri page with a picture of both post offices.  I guess we will never know though.

A new picture and a comment from a reader

First I got a new picture that I saw on a Facebook Dixie Highway page.  Russell Stephen Rein gave me permission to use it.  Check out the North Carolina Page to see it (well in a few minutes as I’ve not placed it there yet).   This is a postcard he found of the Hotel Switzerland that granddad camped near.

I also get an email from Nick Coy who states that the pictures of Lloyd by a car under the Arizona page are really in front of a Dodge.  The car didn’t look like their Model T but I wasn’t sure what it was.

Thanks for the heads up.  It is sure nice to get such great information from my readers.

Someone found the Lone Star for me!

Allan Krueger who lives near Elgin, TX found my website and he had information about the Lone Star that granddad talked about in San Antonio Texas.

He wrote
The “Lone Star” mentioned in San Antonio would be the Old Lone Star Brewery, now the current home of the San Antonio Museum of Art. It was indeed a local landmark and was famous throughout Texas and beyond. A good article about it:


There is a great period picture at this link

Unfortunately, The San Antonio Conservation society wants me to pay for using the picture on the website and fill out a bunch of paperwork.  I think I’ll just use the link and add the information I was sent.  I’ll summarize the information and add it to the San Antonio history in the next couple of days.  I might also try to find the Brewery when I’m in San Antonio in April and take a picture of it for myself.

I love it that people I don’t know are finding the site now and giving great local information to help complete the story.