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I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks but I was out of town helping with the birth of my first grandchild. She arrived safely and I just got back home. I plan to work on the website this week and will so start to work on our(my sister and my) trip to recreate the route next summer.

If anyone finds errors (typo’s, incorrect facts, bad routing,.. anything), please email me at and let me know. I’ll get it corrected.

I’m sad about leaving my granddaughter but excited about starting to work on and hopefully finishing up the website.


I found the bridge!

Sept21_4 -newThese last 2 weeks have been very productive.  My favorite thing that happened was finding  the bridge.  I was actually (finally) writing up the information on the plank road and getting permission for the photos.  I was googling and googling when I came across this link   If you compare the pictures, you can see it is the same bridge (Shepherds Bridge at Meyer Canyon).  I then spent a bit of time researching what happened to that bridge.  It seems it was destroyed in the 70’s when Hurricane Kathleen hit southern California.

I did get the section on the plank road written and the pictures added.  Check it out.

Last night I watched a movie “A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway”.  It was interesting to see some of the footage and history.  Maybe the sisters should do a documentary when we travel our granddad’s route next year.

I have a few more pictures I’ve gotten permission to use and will be adding those, then I’m going to go back on try to make my prose sound better in places throughout the sections.  I hope you’re enjoying my project as much as I’m enjoying the research.

(I forgot to say – this bridge has driven me crazy since I started the project. I first had it placed in Colorado, then in Devil’s Canyon Arizona. At least now, I know it lives in the right place.)