Monthly Archives: August 2014

I learn something new everyday

I have recently discovered a new way to search for pictures….   when you find a topic and look at google images, you can search by the picture.  (when you click on the image – part of the text is search by picture -try it) .  I’ve found some interesting sites this way and I’ve been able to include some new pictures and text to the website.

I finally got permission to add the Magnolia Route map to the site and today I’ve found more pictures and history on the L.A. area from the Water and Power site(look at the L.A site and see if you see the new pictures and prose).   Every day, when I have time, I try to research a new area.  I know I need to edit the prose more, and I will get to it, but the history research just fascinates me, so I spend my time there.   I would love to blog every day about what I find, but I figure I’d bore y’all so I try to blog only every week or two (at the moment… you can bet you’ll get daily blogs when my sisters and I recreate the journey – but that will be next summer).

Today I also created and ordered business cards with the website and email address.  I hope to start handing them out to get people interested in the site and blog.

If there is a topic you would like me to research more, please email me ( – I’m the middle sister) and I’ll do my best to find out anything and I can.  Learning the tricks to search is fun, but finding a fun fact, well, that just jazzes me.

Slowly adding more content

Over the last several weeks I’ve found some more content and added it to the site.  I’ve also gotten some more articles about my granddad’s business and life after the trip and added it to the Lloyd page.  I’ve also gotten a few new pictures added that I was waiting to get permission to use.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get permission to use the picture of the dance hall in Filmore Utah, but I did put a link to the page that has it.

It’s amazing how many folks just don’t return emails.   If any of you have suggestions on other information that would be useful, let me know.

Next week I hope to add the information on the plank roads.

So that is the latest update.