Monthly Archives: May 2014

All Lloyd’s pictures are now in the website

I have all the pictures that I know of that Lloyd took on his journey now in the website.  I’m starting on the postcards and other items he kept now.  I’ll update the blog each time I add something major so that “if you subscribe to the blog”, you can get updates and follow all the changes.

Follow the progress on the website and the plans for the trip

This will be the site where I put all the information I have or can find about my Granddad’s trip in 1922 that he took with 3 friends and went from North Carolina to Los Angeles and back.  He and his friends drove a Model T Ford on the trip and my granddad kept a journal and also took pictures.

Next summer my sisters and I plan to recreate the trip, but we won’t be driving a Model T and we will not be camping.  We do plan to keep to granddad’s route as close as possible.